Before and After Baby Comes


Healthy children begin with healthy mothers. That’s why it’s recommended that pregnant moms get regular checkups as soon as they think are pregnant – or even better, when they are thinking about becoming pregnant.  As Andrea McGlynn, Director of Clinical… [Read More]

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy When You’re Diabetic


Mother’s Day isn’t just a celebration of moms and their children. It’s also a time to celebrate expectant moms and promote healthy pregnancy. In particular, being pregnant when you also have diabetes can increase your chance of having complications for… [Read More]

Nutrient-Rich Foods to Eat While You’re Pregnant


Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant parents, but it can also be a time of confusion and questions. Babies need a lot of different nutrients in order to make sure that they’re developing well, but there are a few… [Read More]