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Year Three Rotations
CCH ED John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital 5.5
CCH Trauma John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital 1.5
Community ED Glenbrook Hospital 1
Community ED Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center 1
Pediatric ED Children’s Memorial Hospital 1
MICU John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital 1
Toxicology John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital 1
Vacation 1


The third year provides advanced training in the assessment and management of the critically ill. In the Adult Emergency Department, the third year resident is primarily responsible for caring for the highest acuity patients. On the trauma service, third year residents begin to supervise the care of all trauma patients. In the MICU, residents act as the senior resident for the entire unit. Away rotations in community emergency medicine and pediatric emergency medicine add depth and variety continue to develop the wide breadth of knowledge and skills necessary to practice EM.

Community Emergency Medicine

Recently renovated and expanded, the high acuity emergency department at Our Lady of Resurrection has a yearly census of over 28,000 patients. Acute out-of-hospital cardiac and cerebrovascular events and sepsis are quite common in this community environment. Residents enjoy working alongside this dynamic group of emergency physicians in a procedure rich setting.

Medical Intensive Care

Cook County Hospital was the site of the nation’s first Medical Intensive Care Unit. Acuity is high with nearly all patients requiring ventilatory support or hemodynamic monitoring. Residents function as the senior resident of the MICU service, supervise interns and take call as the admitting team every fourth night. Residents gain valuable experience in shock management, invasive monitoring, ventilator management and advanced airway procedures.


Stroger, Rush, and the University of Illinois Hospital form the Toxikon Consortium. During the four week rotation, emergency medicine residents serve as consultants for the three hospitals, and provide toxicology support for hundreds of hospitals throughout the region. An exceptional staff of board-certified toxicologists and fellows provide outstanding didactics.

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