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Residents in their PGY-3 year spend one month with the Division of Toxicology where they receive specialized training in poisoning management, under the guidance of full-time medical toxicologists and toxicology fellows. Our multi-disciplinary toxicology service includes residents from all Chicago-area emergency medicine residency programs, residents from other specialties, pharmacy residents, medical students, pharmacy students, and other visiting scholars. Residents will learn basic concepts in various toxicology topics including mechanisms of poisonings, ED-relevant decontamination strategies, and appropriate antidotal use.

Residents have the privilege of serving as consultants by taking call on our toxicology service and working closely with Specialists in Poison Information (SPIs) at the Illinois Poison Center. Calls range from toxic alcohol poisoning, prescription overdoses, to carbon monoxide poisonings. All consults are staffed 24/7 with the faculty.

Specific activities during the rotation include:

  • Toxicology rounds Monday-Friday
  • Weekly journal club
  • One week at the Illinois Poison Center, in downtown Chicago
  • Attendance at EM residency toxicology lectures/learning sessions
  • Toxicology Simulation Lab

Residents are required to participate in daily rounds, prepare a lecture to the group, and critically review articles during weekly journal club. Special toxicology assignments may be included as well.

The Division of Toxicology within the Department of Emergency Medicine is the administrative home of the Toxikon Consortium, a collaboration of Cook County Hospital (Stroger), the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Science System, and the Illinois Poison Center. The Toxikon Consortium offers a two-year fellowship which leads to board-certification in medical toxicology. We currently have four fellowship positions.

For more information about the Toxikon Consortium Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program, please visit our website.

Toxicology faculty at Cook County:

  • Steve Aks, DO (Toxikon Consortium Director, Fellowship Director)
  • Michele Kanter, PharmD (Toxikon Consortium Coordinator, Rotation Coordinator)
  • Sean Bryant, MD (Associate Medical Director, Illinois Poison Center)
  • Mark Mycyk, MD (Director of Research)
  • Jenny Lu, MD (Resident and Student Education)
  • Hilda Nino-Omana (Administrative Support)

Toxicology College

The purpose of the Toxicology College is to help residents:

  1. Develop a foundation in the field of Medical Toxicology
  2. Develop expertise in Emergency Toxicology
  3. Become effective lecturers and teachers in this discipline
  4. Gain experience in a toxicology academic project


Emergency Medicine Residents who enter the Toxicology College will participate in the following activities:

  • Undergo an orientation session to the Toxicology service.
  • Attend a series of core lectures.
  • Complete a focused curriculum of readings and modules.
  • Will develop one or more talks to deliver on toxicology topics.
  • Identify a scholarly project with a Toxicology faculty mentor.

Other optional opportunities:

  1. Attend the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology Annual meeting.
  2. Join the Toxicology program for our:
    • Research meetings
    • Education meetings
    • Journal clubs
    • Fellow conferences
    • State of the Art Lectures

Who should join the Toxicology College?

  1. A resident who is or may be interested in a Toxicology fellowship, or just developing a core knowledge base in Medical Toxicology
  2. Any resident who would like to add the underpinnings of Toxicology/Pharmacology to their practice of Emergency Medicine, and therefore become a better Emergency Physician

How do I sign up?

  1. send an email to Dr. Aks and Ms. Hilda Nino letting us know you’d like to sign up.
  2. We will send you a link to the New Innovations calendar, and will schedule a meeting with you to get you started.