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Jeffrey Schaider, M.D., System Department Chair

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The simulation laboratory, including the Cook County Hospital Electronic Simulator for Trauma and Emergency Resuscitation (CHESTER), is the mock “ED station” home for state of the art adult and pediatric computerized simulation manikins. During the four years of training, residents participate in a broad spectrum of video recorded simulated cases fulfilling a carefully planned reading and simulation curriculum.  The cases increase in complexity as the resident progresses through residency. All six ACGME core competencies are tested and evaluated during simulation sessions. Residents learn to anticipate and manage even the most complicated and less common cases in the acute clinical setting. Each case ends with the participants, audience and faculty providing suggestions for improvement during video case review and discussion.

Monthly Simulation Curriculum

  • Three-hour sessions during alloted conference time
  • Cases of increasing complexity for each, more advanced, residency class
  • Feedback sessions immediately following each simulated case
  • Didactic session for important take-home points after each case

Individual Sessions

  • Simulation sessions available upon request to enhance resuscitation skills
  • One on one feedback and instruction by the Director of Simulation after each case

Emergency Simulation Director
Michelle Sergel, MD, FACEP