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Jeffrey Schaider, M.D., System Department Chair

1900 W. Polk St.
10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60612

Provide emergency medicine residents with a particular interest in pre-hospital care with an opportunity to collaborate with others on all types of EMS experiences in the Emergency Medical Services College.

EMS College Activities

  1. Prehospital observation
  2. Online medical control
  3. Offline medical control
    1. QA/CQI
    2. Protocol develop
    3. Research
  4. Prehospital education
    1. Teaching of fire department paramedics
    2. Teaching of paramedic students
  5. Hospital EMS/Disaster medicine
    1. Disaster drills
    2. Disaster policy and protocol development
    3. Decon
    4. Radiation detection
  6. City, State, Regional and National EMS meetings and conferences.

Who should join the EMS College?

  1. Residents who would like to do an EMS fellowship.
  2. Residents who would like to sit for the EMS subspecialty board examination.
  3. Residents with an interest in becoming an EMS medical director
  4. Residents with any interest in pre-hospital care.

How do I join?

Email Dr. Weber.

Why should you join us?

Stroger Cook County hospital is becoming one of four Resource Hospitals that provide medical direction for Chicago Fire Department EMS, one of the largest EMS systems in the country.  As part of the Cook County Emergency Medicine Residency you have a unique opportunity to play a substantial role in this EMS system.  The EMS college can provide you with many meaningful experiences needed to be a future EMS medical director.