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Jeffrey Schaider, M.D., System Department Chair

1900 W. Polk St.
10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60612

Since it’s inception in 1987, the Department of Emergency Medicine has provided outstanding acute care to the residents of Cook County.  It is now one of the largest and busiest emergency departments in the United States. Board certified emergency medicine faculty supervise all care provided in the emergency department while teaching residents and medical students. Our faculty have admitting privileges to all inpatient services. With state of the art information and radiology systems, we efficiently care for over 120,000 patients annually.

Red Team

Emergency care for high-acuity medical and surgical patients.

  • 5 Resuscitation Beds
  • 5 Isolation Beds
  • 19 Telemetry Beds

Blue Team

Emergency care for low- to moderate-acuity medical and surgical patients.

  • 14 Telemetry Beds

Green Team

Specialized emergency care for patients with focused complaints: minor trauma, eye, ENT, gynecologic, musculoskeletal, asthma/COPD.

  • 8 Station Asthma Rooms
  • 3 Gynecology rooms with dedicated ultrasound machine
  • EYE/ENT Room
  • Orthopedic Procedure Room with dedicated fluoroscopy unit
  • 4 Private exam rooms
  • 4 Telemetry Beds

Information and Radiology System

  • Electronic medical records and our digital radiology systems can be easily accessed from each team.
  • All patient records and imaging studies are available for immediate viewing 24/7
  • Dedicated emergency radiology suites that contain a high-speed CT scanner and 3 plain film rooms are adjacent to the ED and available 24 hours/day
  • 3 additional high speed CT scanners, 2 MRI’s are available for 16 hours/day
  • 3 portable ultrasound machines

Pediatric Emergency Department

The pediatric emergency department, provides care for 18,000 pediatric patients each year. The department is staffed by faculty and residents from both the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics.

  • 2 Procedure Beds
  • 5 Telemetry Stations
  • 2 Asthma Stations
  • 1 Gynecology Room

Transitional Care Unit/Observation Unit

By utilizing our 12 bed transitional care and observation unit, we provide additional care for patients in a more comfortable and private setting.

  • The ED Observation Unit primarily cares for patients with asthma, cellulitis, low risk chest pain, and diabetic ketoacidosis
  • The transitional care area houses patients requiring direct observation while awaiting admission or transfer to a psychiatric hospital.