Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation

  • Dr. Sergel is the Co-Director of Simulation at the Rush University Simulation Laboratory. The Rush University Simulation team is rebuilding their simulation center. Phase 1 of the new state-of-the-art Rush University Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation will be opening in September of 2014. Phase 1 (7500 square-foot) includes multiple high-fidelity, task-training and debriefing rooms using the latest in technology for archiving and debriefing. In phase 2, likely to start construction in 2015, another 7500 square foot area will be added and is planned to include a robust standardized patient program amongst other state-of-the-art simulation essentials.
  • Rush University and Cook County Hospital maintain a long-standing collaborative relationship that allows both simulation user groups to benefit from the complementary resources.
  • CCH Simulation Fellows will have access to any and all teaching opportunities held at the Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation. The percentage of time spent at Cook County Hospital Simulation Center versus the Rush Center will depend on individual fellow’s requests and goals for the fellowship.
  • Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation Fellowship

Chicago Simulation Consortium

  • The Chicago Simulation Consortium (CSC) was established in April 2013 by simulation educators from multiple Chicago health professions institutions. We work with a variety of simulation modalities ranging from standardized patients and high-fidelity mannequins to procedural task trainers and virtual reality. We meet quarterly.
  • Our mission is “to support health professions educators who conduct simulation-based educational programs in the Chicago area, by providing professional development programs, developing shared resources, and facilitating collaborative research.”