Founded in 2005, the Cook County Simulation Training Center was established within the Department of Emergency Medicine. For several years, one simulation mannequin – CHESTER – Cook County Hospital Electronic Simulator for Trauma and Emergency Resuscitation – provided simulation training for the Emergency Medicine Residents. The Simulation Center now utilizes four high-fidelity mannequins and numerous task trainers. The center provides a hands-on experience for many of the departments at Cook County Hospital. In 2018, the Simulation Center moved to the new Cook County Professional building and includes two large simulation rooms with adjacent control rooms and multiple large debrief rooms where the simulations can be observed and critiqued.

The Cook County Simulation Training Center is an integrated simulation center that utilizes a wide variety of simulation modalities including procedural skills task trainers, high-fidelity mannequins and standardized patients. We are committed to using these emerging technologies in order to improve medical education, patient safety and communication via the Graduate Medical Education core competencies and the newly developed Emergency Medicine Milestones.

With more than ten years of experience using simulation-based medical education, Simulation Director Dr. Michelle Sergel, board certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, has concentrated on making The Cook County Simulation Training Center a resource-rich and collaborative environment for simulation users and super-users. As one of the founders of the Illinois Medical District Simulation Consortium, she has networked to build a strong collaboration with the University of Illinois, Rush University and the Jesse Brown VA Hospital simulation centers. Dr. Sergel is the past president of the Chicago Simulation Consortium (CSC). Her main goal, with respect to the CSC, is to generate an open forum among ‘simulationists’ in the Chicagoland area in order to share resources providing professional development programs, developing shared resources, and facilitating collaborative research.