Dr. Terry Mason Talks about Getting Yourself Tested in 2012

Cook County’s chief medical officer, Dr. Terry Mason, joins us to talk about the county’s STD testing initiative on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm.

The county has some of the highest levels of STD infection in the country, with the highest levels of gonorrhea and the second highest levels of chlamydia. Combined, there were nearly 60,000 such infections in Cook County in 2010. A lot of STD data is “unfortunately behind,” Mason said.

Some of those high levels are due to the sheer size of Cook County, which is the second largest county in the country, behind Los Angeles.

“Cook County has the highest level [of gonorrhea infections in 2008] in absolute numbers, but not the highest rates,” Mason said. “But our rate is still high, above L.A. County. Their rate was 91 infections per 100,000. We’re 250 per 100,000.”