Provide Input on CCHHS’ 2017-2019 Strategic Plan

The Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS) is continuing to transform into a modern, integrated, healthcare system which will allow us to compete in the new post-health care reform environment and stay true to our mission to care for all. This transformation will require long-term vision and collaboration with our staff, the community and our health care partners. A strategic plan ensures that we are all moving in the same direction to reach our highest potential to serve our patients.

The System has embarked on the development of a three year (2017-2019) strategic plan that will lay the foundation for our success. The following five strategic priorities will guide the development of the plan. It is our intention to craft a strategic plan that is responsive to the needs of those we serve while remaining nimble enough to adapt to the dynamic health care environment brought about by the Affordable Care Act. The final strategic plan will be centered on the following goals:

• Improve health equity by helping every person have the opportunity to attain his or her full health potential regardless of circumstances.
• Provide high quality, safe and reliable care by ensuring a “patient-centered” system that focuses on the quality of infrastructure, training, competence of personnel and efficiency of operational systems.
• Demonstrate value, adopt performance benchmarking to allow us to have a fact-based, defensible understanding of where we are and how are succeeding at reaching our goals.
• Develop human capital by building employees’ skills through education and learning opportunities to improve efficiency and quality of care and staff and patient satisfaction.
• Lead in medical education and clinical investigation relevant to vulnerable populations, to help support the mission of CCHHS and the quality of care provided.

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