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As of June 2008, the salaries for PG levels are as follows (estimated). As of 2012, the House Staff Association has bargained for a pay rate increase. The following estimated salaries are subject to increase!

  • PGY1 $44,200.00
  • PGY2 $46,600.00
  • PGY3 $48,900.00
  • PGY4 $51,000.00
  • PGY5 $53,000.00


Each program distributes paychecks for housestaff physicians on alternate Wednesday afternoons. Direct deposit is available and may be requested by completing the necessary request form and submitting it to the Payroll Department located on the fifth floor of the Administration Building.

Bereavement Leave

Housestaff physicians shall be granted up to three (3) days paid bereavement leave, on days, which would have normally been worked, for death in the immediate family or household. When appropriate, housestaff physicians may also be granted up to three (3) additional days leave prior to an anticipated death in the immediate family or household. In certain hardship cases, the Department Chairperson may allow the housestaff physician to draw additional time, as appropriate. Any additional time beyond the three (3) days paid bereavement leave may be taken as paid vacation, paid sick time (if appropriate) or unpaid leave.

Family and Medical Leave

An eligible employee may take approved unpaid family and medical leave of up to twelve (12) weeks per rolling twelve (12) month period. For specifics you should contact your departmental administrator, the Department of Human Resources or PER.


Housestaff physicians shall be entitled to be off with pay for the following Hospital Holidays or equivalent:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Dr. M.L. King Jr.’s Birthday
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Lincoln’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans’ Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

In addition, each housestaff physician will be eligible for a floating holiday, which he/she can schedule in advance subject to operational needs. Housestaff physicians may be required to work on the Hospital Holidays. If housestaff physicians work on a Holiday, a compensatory day off shall be scheduled elsewhere, in the same rotation, if possible. Each department will be responsible to ensure the scheduling and compliance of the compensatory day off and the floating holiday.

Leave of Absence

A housestaff physician may be granted a leave of absence without pay by the Department Chairperson, subject to the approval of the Hospital Director, with the written approval of the Comptroller of Cook County. Such leave shall be intended to take care of emergency situations and shall be limited to one (1) month for every full year of continuous employment by the County, not to exceed one (1) year, except for military service.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Housestaff physicians shall be granted maternity and paternity leave to cover periods of pregnancy, newborn childcare, and/or newly adopted childcare. A housestaff physician who shall require maternity or paternity leave shall inform his/her department chairperson no less than three months prior to the expected date of delivery, and shall present a signed statement from the expectant mother’s physician or other health care provider stating that date. For further information you can contact your departmental administrator, the Department of Human Resources, or PER.

Sick Leave

When unable to work due to illness, housestaff should call their residency administrator or other designated person, each day they are unable to work. Failure to notify the residency may lead to loss of pay. During the first year of employment, a housestaff physician shall be advanced twelve (12) sick days at the time of employment; however, no additional days shall be accrued during the first year. Thereafter, housestaff physicians shall accumulate credit for sick leave at the rate of one (1) day a month for each month of service during which the housestaff physician is in an active pay status for at least eleven (11) working days. Sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of one hundred twenty (120) working days. Up to the housestaff physician’s accumulated sick leave credits, a housestaff physician prevented from working due to his/her illness or injury (other than occupational illness or injury), or illness in his/her immediate family shall be entitled to receive sick pay for each day the housestaff physician would have worked. Sick leave is not to be used by housestaff physicians as vacations or simply to take time off with pay. Housestaff physicians will be allowed to use any accumulated sick leave for maternity and paternity leave. Should a housestaff physician’s employment be terminated, payment for sick time used and not yet earned shall be deducted from the salary, which the housestaff physician may be due. Termination or resignation forfeits the right to any accrued sick leave unless reinstated as a Cook County employee within thirty (30) days.

Physician’s Statement

A housestaff physician who has been off duty for five (5) consecutive days or more for any health reason will be required to provide a physician’s statement as proof of illness, and may be required to undergo examination by the Facility’s or County’s physician before returning to work.

Vacation Leave

Twenty-eight (28) calendar days of vacation are scheduled by the Hospital, except where a specialty board requires more than forty-eight (48) weeks of active work during any year, in which case the housestaff physician shall receive additional pay in lieu of vacation time for any time worked beyond forty-eight (48) weeks. With approval of the Department Chairperson involved, a housestaff physician may elect to defer his/ her vacation time until the following year, with a maximum vacation accumulation of fifty-six (56) days. A housestaff physician may elect to take vacation time in advance of that which has been earned up to twenty-eight (28) days per year. However, should a housestaff physician’s employment be terminated, payment for vacation time used and not yet earned shall be deducted from the salary, which the housestaff physician is due. In addition, when a housestaff physician starts their program late, he/she may elect with the written approval of their Program Director to waive some or all of their vacation time and be paid for this time upfront. However, this does not backdate their start time at the Hospital. The official start date is the date that the housestaff physician received their Hospital ID and check-in form from Medical Education. If the housestaff physician elects this option, it needs to be done within the first two pay periods of employment.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Cook County. They can be reached at (312) 864-2926.


Upon commencement of employment, each housestaff physician will be provided with a digital pager and the housestaff physician will assume the cost of replacing a pager. The cost of such replacement, if obtained from the County, will not exceed $75.00 or the current market value of pagers plus a $25 reprogramming fee.


Parking is available to Hospital housestaff physicians with a valid Hospital I.D. The cost is $70/four weeks.


Housestaff physicians will be provided with a pass key which allows the resident to spend $19.00 a day on meals in the cafeteria each day of the week.

On Call Rooms

On call rooms are allocated to Departments. Residency programs will provide detailed information about their access and assignment. Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is able to take home call however we have been provided a call room which is available if you are doing an externship. It has a shower and restroom.

Lockers and Mailboxes

Upon commencement of their training lockers and mailboxes will be provided to housestaff physicians by their respective Program Director.

Scrub Suits

Two sets of scrubs will be provided to each housestaff physician on an annual basis, free of charge, for use outside the OR and restricted areas. Additionally, special scrubs will be available on a 24-hour basis in surgical, obstetrical and other restricted areas for use in those areas.

Lab Coats

At the time of initial hire, housestaff physicians will be furnished with two (2) lab coats free of charge. During their employment, replacements will be furnished free of charge when the condition of the lab coat so warrants.


Malpractice Insurance

The County shall indemnify all employees involved in direct patient care at all Cook County Health Facilities in accordance with Cook County Amended Ordinance 86-0-45, as adopted by the Cook County Board of Commissioners on November 3, 1986.

Health and Disability Insurance

The County provides health benefits to housestaff physicians and dependents. The County offers to the housestaff physician and his/her family the option of choosing a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) from those available and federally qualified in the Chicago area for this health coverage. The specifics of the available plans will be presented to the housestaff physician at the time of hospital orientation. In order to ensure timely coverage the housestaff physician must select the plan that he/she desires within 30 days of hire. Ordinary disability benefits will be provided in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Cook County Employees’ Annuity Benefit Fund. Upon termination, coverage for housestaff physicians and dependents shall be consistent with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Further, the County provides additional disability benefits to housestaff physicians. Twenty four thousand dollars ($24,000) of annual disability coverage is provided for each eligible covered housestaff physician. A description of the actual benefits is available from the House Staff Association.

Dental Insurance

All residents are eligible to participate in the County’s Dental HMO plan. There is no cost for this benefit.

Life Insurance

All housestaff physicians shall be provided with life insurance in an amount equal to their annual salary at no cost to the housestaff physician.