A. This is a web based mentorship forum for research and publication for residents

  • Creating a model for research and publication for residents
  • Facilitate research activity by acting as a research manager
  • Increasing awareness of how different categories of research work can be done
  • Provides training for IRB certification
  • Engage and train scholars to carry out different categories of research
  • Initiate collaboration between faculty and house staff research plans
  • Foster mentor mentee relationships
  • Provides a forum for scholars (Faculty and house staff ) to explore each other’s research interests, project ideas, availability and individual skills
  • Bring scholars together on project teams focused on attaining shared goals
  • Conducts lectures and  didactics by different faculty on writing abstract and scientific presentations
  • Conducts Subspecialties Research forum , a platform for residents interested in fellowship  to present research ideas in their areas of interest
  • Sustain career long interest in scholarly and academic activities
  • Provide resources to support research activity, data analysis and national level presentation
  • Increased research activity among residents
  • Conducts Quality Improvement Capstone day synchronized for submission to different National and Regional meetings and conferences. Awards are presented in recognition of QI projects.

​​B. It addresses 3 aspects of research

  • Quality Improvement
  • Systematic review
  • Clinical Vignettes and Abstracts

C. Success of sConnect: Has resulted in many publications, abstract and poster presentations at various national and regional meetings and conferences


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