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High caliber medical care for adults and a wide range of specialty and diagnostic outpatient services.

The Oak Forest Health Center of Cook County is a unique outpatient healthcare facility located on a spacious 340 acre campus in Oak Forest, serving south suburban and south city residents of Cook County.

Oak Forest Health Center in conjunction with Ambulatory and Community Health Network Clinics  provides a full range of outpatient services as well as support to three primary care and community-based outpatient clinics located in Ford Heights, Phoenix and Robbins.

Mission Statement

The mission of OFHC, as an extension of the CCHHS, is to provide high caliber medical care for adults and a wide range of specialty and diagnostic outpatient services. OFHC also provides access to immediate care (non-emergency) services and on-site primary care. Simply stated, we have matched health services with the greatest need, which today, is outpatient care. We are dedicated to improving the patient experience of care in the outpatient setting.

OFHC provides operational support (pharmacy, specialty, financial billing) to three CCHHS primary care clinics located in Ford Heights, Phoenix and Robbins. It coordinates access to tertiary level specialty services at Stroger Hospital for residents of the south suburbs, while maintaining specialized training for physicians and other healthcare professionals in ophthalmology, podiatry, and psychology.


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During the first week of December, 1910 the Oak Forest Institutions, known as the ‘poor farm’, opened to provide food and shelter for the indigent population of Cook County. The daily average population was 1,694. The simultaneous opening of the tuberculosis infirmary, along with the poor farm gave the facility a health care mission from the start.

The availability of Social Security and other general assistance programs started an exodus of able-bodied adults from the facility in the 1940’s, as did the development of drug therapy for tuberculosis in the 1950’s. Gradually, an emphasis on geriatric, chronically ill and disabled patients was established. In 1956, Oak Forest Institutions officially became Oak Forest Hospital (OFH), licensed to care for the chronically ill and the tubercular. In 1964, acute care services were established at OFH to meet in-hospital needs of long-term care and short-term rehab patients, along with comprehensive rehabilitative services.

By the end of the 1970’s, the Cook County Board charged the hospital with responsibility for managing and supporting three primary care, community-based outpatient clinics, located in Ford Heights, Phoenix and Robbins, now part of the Ambulatory and Community Health Network (ACHN). In 1983, OFH started its innovative Ventilator Care Program, the first of its kind in the state of Illinois. Integration of infectious disease medical services occurred in the mid-1990’s. During this period, efforts were set in place for purchasing, inventory, contract management, and clinical and information system integration, including expansion of on-site outpatient clinical services such as pharmacy, podiatry and eye clinic services.

Fact Sheet

Press Ganey Associates, Inc. named OFH a 2008 Compass Award Winner. Press Ganey partners with more than 7,000 health care facilities to measure and improve the quality of their care. OFH, one of 405 facilities, earned recognition as a ‘top performer on key quality measures’ for 2010 from the Joint Commission.

The conversion from hospital to health center in September, 2011 expands a number of services and adds more primary care doctors to help meet the healthcare needs of the community. Among the services scheduled to be added in 2012 are urology and pain management, in addition to expansion of some exisitng primary and specialty care services. The move to the health center is part of the Cook County Health and Hospitals System strategic plan, Vision 2015. The plan, which was approved by the CCHHS Board of Directors and the Cook County Board of Commissioners, moves the System away from costly inpatient care and into greatly needed outpatient services.

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