rethink your drink 2

Why Rethink Your Drink?

What you drink makes a bigger difference to your health than you think. Drinks like soda, sports drinks and energy drinks are loaded with sugar and are empty calories. Drinking them can be harmful to your health and may lead… [Read More]

hearing screenings

Oak Forest Health Center Holds Hearing Screenings

OAK FOREST-The Cook County Health and Hospitals (CCHHS) announced today that Hearing is the gatekeeper to communication – one of the primary ways that we connect with other people. Hearing loss can lead to impaired ability to communication – and… [Read More]

American Journal of Gastroenterology (ISSN:0002-9270)

American Journal of Gastroenterology (ISSN:0002-9270)

 Print Holdings from: 2004 V. 99 — 2010 V. 105                                                  Bound                                          2011 V. 106 – 2012 V. 107.                                                Unbound                 


CCHHS is now part of the Reptrax vendor credentialing community

 CCHHS is now part of the Reptrax vendor credentialing community Launch Date MARCH 1, 2012 If you don’t create an account with Reptrax by the date above, you may lose access to our facility. How to create a Reptrax account… [Read More]


Victim Speaks Out after Pit Bulls Attack

CHICAGO-The Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS) officials announced today that a 62-year old man is being treated after being attacked by two pit-bulls while jogging on the city’s lakefront path. The attack took place around 6:00 a.m. Monday… [Read More]