Bid/RFP Process Reference Documents

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Cook County Health & Hospitals System (CCHHS). Please download and and utilize the following documents as required in each Bid/RFP submission.

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RFP/Bid # Title and Brief Description Documents Posted Date Closed Date Registered Vendors
H16-0005 Nursing Homes Market Assessment, Acquisition Strategy, and Third Party Administration- Specialized services required to assess and develop a strategy to acquire nursing home operations and provide subsequent third party administration of said facilities 05/20/16 07/19/16 Download list
H16-0017 Architect Services for Health and Diagnostic Centers- CCHHS seeks to identify the most competitive Architect to provide architectural, engineering and construction administration services for new health care facilities 05/18/16 06/22/16 Download list
H16-0006 Information Technology Managed Services- Specialized services required to effectively manage mission critical applications and infrastructure. 05/16/16 06/20/16 Download list
H16-0015 Real-Time Provider Connectivity for CountyCare Health Plan 05/09/16 06/03/16 Download list
H16-0016 Assessment, Development and Oversight of a Patient and Experience and Service Excellence Program- CCHHS seeks to identify the most competitive proposer of specialized services to a) assess CCHHS’ current service culture, b) develop and implement a program to improve the patient experience and service of excellence model and c) measure and monitor the results of said program. 05/06/16 06/15/16 Download list
H16-0008 Clinical Equipment Maintenance - Specialized services to manage scheduled and requested clinical equipment maintenance for over 15,000 pieces of clinical equipment located at various CCHHS locations including clinics. 04/05/16 05/31/16 Download list
H16-0011 Food and Nutritional Services (FANS)- Specialized services required to provide food and nutritional services for patients and non-patient patrons at two locations (Stroger and Provident Hospitals). 04/04/16 05/31/16 Download list